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Things To Check Before Signing A Roofing Contract

One of the most important factors before starting a roofing job and settling with your chosen Stoke on Trent roofing contractors would be to scrutinize the contract. Signing it means you agree with everything stated on it, so make sure you double read it word for word to ensure that no hidden frauds are present. To guide you more, here are the things you need to check before signing a roofing contract.

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Roofer’s office

A reputable roofer or contractor should have an actual office. This is one sign that the company is professional and that they aim to work with more clients. It’s advisable to drop by their office to see how they work and how they handle personal callers. Avoid contractors who work on waste yards as often these individuals are in the game of stripping your roof of period tiles and selling them, whilst replacing yours with thin Chinese slates. Most tiles do not in fact need replacing, in fact period tiles can be more hard wearing and can fetch a good price second hand, it’s just that the battens they are on may have rotted and the nails that hold some in place also might have rusted.


Another factor would be the references of the potential contractor. It’s important to ask him for at least a couple of references that you could contact or see their work portfolio. This way, you’ll be able to know straight away if they are a reputable contractor or not. It’s also better to ask for references that are not simply friends or colleagues but real clients and customers that they have worked with in the past. You can call and speak to their former clients to see if they are a contractor worth employing.

Overall background

Most people do not consider this, but it’s very much worth it to check online in order to know more about your potential contractors. This way, you can determine which of the potential contractors have received any bad feedback or not.

Triple check the contract

The last part would be to check the contract presented to you. Because this is prepared by “roofing contractors stoke on trent”, you have to be sure you perfectly understand everything. Feel free to ask questions and to suggest changes if you want, because you want to be happy with the job. Keep your eyes on the materials that will be used, the warranty of the work and the installation method. Be sure that all the promises of your potential contractor are stated on the contract.

It may seem a hassle to make all of this extensive checking, but all your efforts will surely be worth it. You could save time and money by just calling us to get expert roofers in stoke on trent. You will have peace of mind that your roof with be dealt with carefully, and that your money won’t be wasted by bogus roofers.

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