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Roofing and Building Firm

Roofing and Building Firm

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At last! You can stop struggling with water or wind getting into your roof space or attic and causing leaks inside the house, when you can get it sorted out quickly and for an affordable price.
When it comes to Newcastle under Lyme Roofing Contractors – one of the biggest challenges people have is finding a reliable roofer in Newcastle under Lyme who will actually turn up when you book them to look at your roof….
What’s the biggest mistake people make when they are looking to find reliable roofers in Newcastle under Lyme?
It’s looking for a cheap roofer in Newcastle who adds on extra costs to their quote….
You want to get a great quote for a repair or a re-roof, without it rising afterwards with no explanations.
Here’s a couple of the top Newcastle under Lyme Roofing Contractor tips that could help you…

2 Tips To Find A Good Roofer In Newcastle Under Lyme

1)Choose a local company

You need to ensure that the company you pick is a genuine local firm. You don’t want a directory just selling your enquiry to the highest bidder.
You need a local firm who is working locally around ST4, ST5, ST6 and ST7, and has been doing that for over a decade.
Working this long in the same area means they have an established business.
Avoid the cowboys that fold and move on to another area and setup under a different name after a couple of jobs.
If you want a professional company working on your project then tap or click on 01782 360411.

2)Get a roofing guarantee

We offer a 20 year guarantee with our re-roofing which shows we have longevity and trust to our service.
Anybody could produce a piece of paper and call it a 12 month warranty.
With us you are investing what might be a considerable amount of money on a new roof for your home. You want and need a full guarantee. That’s what you will get with us.
Get in touch now to get us to solve your roofing issue.
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If you are looking for Newcastle under Lyme Roofing Contractors, then you are in the right place.
We are a reliable roofing company in ST5 who is available to give free quotes for jobs close to Newcastle.
We cover Madeley, Keele, Silverdale, Audley, Clayton, Westlands, Maybank, Wolstanton, Bradwell & Trent Vale among other areas around Newcastle-under-Lyme.
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